"I don't know any women who get off on cars like men do, so for women, shoes are a way to express your personality" - Patricia Garland
Lisa Greenstein has been working on the shoe-portrait series for about five years.

She became interested in shoes as a subject for paintings and drawings, because besides holding the feet, shoes contain multiple layers of meaning. They are both human-made and human-worn. They serve functionally to protect and support the feet, and socially-historically as signifiers of class and gender. Shoes can also display an individual's sexiness, sportiness, practicality or whimsy. Well worn shoes, seem to have their wearer's character embedded in them and are as visually interesting as sculpture. Naturally, Lisa thought it would be fascinating to paint the various shoes collected and worn by individual friends and family members. She was curious to see what each person would do with the project and what it would reveal about them. During the creation of each portrait Lisa enjoys being a witness to the choices people make. Sometimes its an elimination process, starting with lots of shoes and paring down to the most meaningful. For other's it can be like creating a collage- wild, colorful and abundant with shoes. The paintings also contain some of that process, what was removed may be seen as subtle footprints, or if color is the predominant theme Lisa may enhance it. The final painting tells each person's story through the choices they make and the responses Lisa has to them in paint.

Lisa was educated in fine art at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, CA. She has exhibited her work in many California venues and national juried competitions.

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